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WOW, I Feel Great!!

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Posted by North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ

We all want to feel great naturally but we are all so busy. Life is hectic, there is so much to do... How is our approach to the way we deal with life situations? Are we mentally calm to be able to think and not react? Are we feeling good physically to get done what needs to get done? Do we have the energy?

Unfortunately for most people the answer is no. Most people are just too busy being caught up in their daily routine, multitasking, and bad habits. As a result they neglect what's important, themselves. Self neglect can lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and feeling overwhelmed. Body-mind-spirit self care leads to self - love, clear mind, focus, relaxation, healthy approach to dealing with daily situations, and happiness.

Personally," if I don't feel good, nobody around me feels good" so I like to change that to "when I feel good, everyone around me feels good." Things get done in a positive way, I can think clearly, and stay calm in a difficult situation as a result the outcome is positive for me and everyone around me.

Another situation occurs due to neglect of body-mind-spirit. When an individual has discomfort or pain they may wait it out thinking it will pass. Sometimes it will and other times it may not leading to a more chronic situation. If the discomfort causes pain the individual tends to compensate by protecting the area of pain using other body parts. This situation causes imbalances in the body. In addition, lack of use of the painful area causes decrease in blood circulation into the area which can cause it to become more chronic and debilitating. Consult with a doctor if the area is very painful. Additional things you may experience are headaches, frozen shoulder, and restriction of movement. Don't wait for your pain to become chronic. Seek help with an expert to improve the situation such as receiving massage therapy treatment so that you can relax while an expert therapist works the area to increase blood flow and promote healing.

Things to do to feel great naturally:

1 - Schedule body-mind-spirit self-care time on the calendar.

2 - Disconnect from electronic devices. Instead read a book you enjoy or get out and enjoy nature by taking a walk, biking, hiking, swimming, etc.

3 - Dance like nobody is watching, play, be silly and be a kid again.

4 - Listen to your favorite music.

5 - Don't take life too seriously.

6 - Relax, nothing is under control.

7 - Abandon perfectionism.

8 - Eat healthy - " You area what you eat." When you eat healthy nutritious foods your body gets the nutrients it needs to give you energy and keep you healthy.

9 - Breath - Learn correct breathing to bring oxygen to your entire organs and allow your muscles to relax.

10 - Stretch - Take 10 minutes to stretch and breath in the morning. Great way to start the day. Stretching aides with focus, balance, improves blood circulation, loosens tight muscles, and improves mind-body connection.

11 - Meditation - Spend 10 minutes a day doing mindful meditation.

12 - Epsom Salt baths - Feel like your at a spa. Enjoy.

13 - Massage Therapy - "It's not a luxury, it's a necessity."

14 - Connect with a higher power, whatever you connect to for inner peace.

At North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ our expert licensed massage therapist takes the whole body approach to wellness including mind - body- soul. We offer a variety of massage therapy services to suit your needs. We also teach Zen Stretch and Meditation Classes and teach correct breathing. For additional information or to schedule an appointment please call 201-406-8220.

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