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Aliza Rosen, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) -Founder and owner of North Jersey Massage based in Bergen County, NJ.  

Aliza started her career as a Licensed Medical Diagnostic Sonographer with a passion for holistic health Aliza pursued a career in Bodywork Massage Therapy. She is an advanced graduate of the Ohashi Institute in NYC, learned under the guidance of Master Wataru Ohashi and has been offering her services for over 20 years. Aliza is a member of ABMP, has spoken in public about wellness and has written articles in wellness magazines on topics such as, back pain and stress. Aliza teaches at the Ridgewood Community School and in private Zen Stretch and Meditation Classes and offers Shiatsu Massage Bodywork for partners workshops.


"A friend that studied at the Ohashi Institute gave me a session. That was my first introduction to the power of touch, I instantly fell in love and decided to start my new life journey. Learning at the Ohashi Institute felt like my oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of NYC. I found my calling. I enjoy every moment of giving and receiving. If more people can feel the power of touch with care and sincerity, the world would be a more peaceful place."

                                           -  Aliza Rosen

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