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What happens to your body when you get a massage?

Posted by North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ

Don't let everyday stresses affect your health and well-being. Massage Therapy is a hands-on technique to aid in reducing stress, relieve muscle tension, improve sleep, increase blood circulation, improves posture and flexibility and promotes relaxation for the mind and body.

Impact of Massage Therapy for stress and pain relief

1. Relaxation - The joy of getting a massage puts you in a calm state relaxing the nervous system and decreasing cortisol a stress hormone.

2. Reduces Stress - During a massage the body releases endorphins which naturally block pain signals by the nervous system.

3. Improves Sleep - During a massage levels of serotonin hormone increases causing levels of melatonin to increase making you calm and ready for a good night sleep.

4. Increased Blood Circulation - Massage aides in moving stagnant blood from tense muscles to allow for fresh new blood to flow into the muscle and increase oxygen into the muscles and surrounding area to promote healing, improve flexibility, and improve joint range of motion.

5. Improved Mental Health - Massage reduces anxiety and improves relationships.

6. Improves Posture - With the use of electronics such as computers and I phones many people suffer from poor posture causing neck and back pain. Massage helps put you back into correct alignment thus relieving the tension in your neck and back. Receiving massage sessions regularly allows the muscles to loosen and relax, improves joint range of motion and flexibility. As a result posture is naturally improved.

7. Improved Immunity - Massage reduces stress and anxiety and increases relaxation by shutting down the release of Cortisol the stress hormone and strengthening the body's immunity to fight off infection and disease.

Receiving Massage Therapy over a prolonged period of time can boost energy levels, and improve health and wellness. At North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ we offer a variety of massage services to help you relax, get rid of pain, and make you feel good.

Call to schedule your appointment or free consultation 201-406-8220.

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