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Spring Cleansing for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

Posted by North Jersey Massage, Maywood, NJ

Longer days, warmer temperatures, trees budding, and flowers blooming. Yay Spring 2019!!

Spring is a time of rebirth and new growth. Just like in nature new buds and leaves on trees and flowers coming back to life us humans also have an awakening and growth in the springtime. We come out of winter hibernation get outdoors for fresh air and sunshine.

When we think of spring cleaning, first thing that comes to mind is to declutter. Get rid of stuff at home and in your closets. In addition, spring is time for cleansing the mind, body, and soul.

During spring, I personally feel more energetic, wanting to spend time outdoors enjoying the warmer weather and feel the sunshine.

Below are some of my spring cleansing tips for the mind, body, and soul.


Do a good home cleaning, making sure everything is well dusted and cleaned including drawers, shelves, closets, furniture, refrigerator, stove, oven, etc.. Get rid of stuff you don't use or need and donate it to a good cause. Get organized. Physically when you get rid of material, unwanted stuff, and get organized, mentally your mind and body also feels decluttered being able to better eliminate, feeling more focused and clear minded.


Enjoy outdoor nature, hiking, biking, walking, etc.. Feel the sunshine and boost your vitamin D. Many people have low vitamin D due to lack of sunshine. Just 15-25 minutes of exposed sunshine without sunscreen a day provides enough vitamin D to your body which helps prevent depression, aides in bone health, prevents cancers and much more.


Best to eat food in season. Below are some of Spring Foods.

Fruit: lemon, lime, apples, pear, kumquats, oranges, kiwi.

Vegetables: arugula, avocado, beets, broccoli, celery, collard greens, kale, spinach, dandelion.


Spring is a good time for a body cleanse to detoxify.

- Start your day with 8-12 ounce spring water with fresh squeezed lemon juice.

- Cut out sugar from your diet. Aides in joint relief, ant inflammatory, better looking skin, and improved health are just a few of the benefits.

- Make sure to have a bowel movement every day. Drink water with psyllum husk, add flax meal to your diet, eat prunes.


Bye something new for yourself.


-Mindful Meditation for improved focus, mind-body connection and relaxation.

-Get a full body Therapeutic Massage to relieve aches and pains naturally and feel energized.

At North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ we believe that there are multiple avenues to promote health and wellness for the mind, body, and soul including nutrition, exercise, meditation and relaxation techniques. At North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ we offer a variety of massage services to fit your needs in addition to stretch and meditation classes. For additional information or for a free consultation call 201-406-8220.

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