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Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Posted by North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ

The back is balanced and supported by the vertebrae, the organs and the muscular and skeletal system. If any one part becomes unbalanced, the spine can be affected. this is why so many people suffer from backache - our lifestyles causes imbalances throughout the body which affects the spine.


The first reason is structural damage caused by accident, exercise routine, or some habit that results in misalignment of the vertebrae. Obviously, an accident or injury can cause the back to go out of alignment resulting in back pain. You will have to see a physician to accurately diagnose the extent of the pain and correct treatment. Very often exercise , massage/bodywork therapy can be helpful in controlling the pain and even correcting the damage done by an injury.

Exercise and various habits such as posture or the way you walk can cause muscle to develop in an unbalanced way.

Sports such as tennis is one of many games that reinforce the same imbalance every time you play. Tennis requires one side of your body to perform an exaggerated movement in comparison with the other side. To compensate for this you should do exercises that strengthen your off side. If you play a game like tennis and you are a right handed player, you should do exercises designed to strengthen and coordinate your left side, too. It is very important that you do warm-up exercises before playing any game that has a left- right imbalance. If you go out and play before your body is loose and ready,you will cause one side of your body to be exercised at a much grater rate than the other, exaggerating the imbalance all the more.

Shiatsu massage therapy using stretching techniques can harmonize the left- right imbalances and bring relief from the type of backache caused by such an imbalance.

The second cause of backache is an imbalance in the internal organs. If an organ becomes swollen, too tight or weak, the spine will be affected. For example, the liver can become swollen or expand from eating too many sweets and drinking too much alcohol. As the organ swells, it pushes against the muscles and vertebrae and causes the spine to go out of alignment. The same can happen with the stomach, spleen or gallbladder.

Most lower backaches involves the kidneys. Kidneys often becomes weak from diet. When the kidneys become blocked from fats, salt, cholesterol and stress the amount of energy and blood circulation that reaches the organs and lower back is diminished. Thus reducing the energy flow to the spine, causing degeneration in the vertebrae and the muscles that support the back. Gradually, degeneration takes place in the muscles, lower back and spine causing pain and lower backache that is so common today.

Third cause of back pain is emotions. Emotions such as fear, anger, sympathy, grief and happiness. The energy of each emotion causes the body to rejoice or suffer. The energy gets placed in various organs or repress t in our shoulders, back, joints where it accumulates in the form of tension. Each of us has developed a habit of placing tension in various parts of our bodies: our liver, kidneys, stomach, shoulders and backs are common places for stored tension. This tension distorts the organ and body and affects the spine.

A shiatsu therapist can see which organs are most troubled by the type of emotion that dominates the person we are helping. If you suffer from back pain Shiatsu Therapy will help balance the energy to promote healing an a change in diet an stretching exercise is called for.

Reestablish balance and harmony among the organs and muscles and you have a back that is pain free.

For questions or to schedule an appointment call North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ at 201-406-8220 to improve your back pain or get on a stretch regiment.

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