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Due to the imbalance or lack of insulin produced by the pancreas blood sugar (glucose) levels are very high in the body and not consumed well by the cell. Treatment usually involves lowering blood sugar levels by taking medication causing a variety of side effects. This type of treatment cures the symptoms but not the cause. Two main common causes of diabetes are obesity and sedentary lifestyle according to the American Diabetes Association. Other causes include genetics or glandular dysfunction.

Some characteristics of diabetes includes frequent urination, perpetual fatigue, always thirsty, tendency to overeat especially sweets, decrease in sexual vitality, itchy feeling on skin, neuralgia, numbness, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and poor eyesight.

Massage Therapy for diabetes has increased over the years. Often patients who suffer from diabetes get massage therapy along with their regular medical treatments. Massage Therapy applies pressure on the muscles and soft tissue of the body by the use of hands, fingers, forearm, elbow and knees.

6 Ways Massage Therapy improves diabetes

1. Massage improves blood circulation in the body. As a result, increased oxygen and nutrients are provided to the cells.

2. Relieving pain.

3. Increasing relaxation, reducing stress, depression and anxiety thus maintaining blood sugar at a normal level.

4. Massage improves insulin utilization in the body and has a positive effect on blood glucose levels.

5. In cases of diabetes increased blood sugar levels causes thickening of the connective tissue causing muscles, tendons and ligaments to become stiff with decreased mobility. Massage therapy helps improve flexibility, mobility and tissue elasticity loosening muscles and joints.

6. In cases of neuropathy due to diabetes neuromuscular massage with gentle strokes and applying pressure to acupressure points is a safe approach and reflexology massage to help restore nerve function and sensation.

The effects of massage on diabetes may last long. The diabetic patient should check their blood sugar levels at regular intervals post massage. Make sure to follow a healthy diet including wild fish, leafy greens, cinnamon (ceylon type), turmeric, nuts, flaxseeds, apple cider vinegar and garlic.

Increased circulation, relaxation, mobility, improved nerve sensation, reducing pain and healthy diet are all increased benefits to aid the diabetic client and will assist in living a normal, healthy life.

At North Jersey Massage Maywood, NJ we offer a variety of massage services to fit your needs. The massage therapist uses different massage techniques like strokes, circular movement, rocking, pressing on acupressure points, kneading or tapping depending on the need of the patient. For additional information call 201-406-8220 or

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